CCTVClosed-circuit surveillance systems are implemented extensively for superior security within factories, buildings and residences. These systems possess features such as monitoring, protection and recording in hard-disk memory for post-event analysis. With recent technologies, IP security surveillance system has gone beyond traditional expectations, with facial recognition and AI image processing, vehicle tagging and tracking. AVASGLO always proudly presents the latest technologies with greatest potential for our customers.

Card AccessEntrance/Exit Control Systems such as time card readers , finger-prints scanners, and blood vessel scanners are used to increase the level of security in the offices, factories and residences. These systems are far more convenience as they produce reports and protect against fraud.

Intrusion AlarmInvader Protection System is a platform that increases security for the life and properties of the owners whether in factory, building or residences. In the past local inspection is conducted by security guards which which are oftentimes insufficient to deter invasion, or if implemented 24hrs would be inefficient. The Invader Protection System is used to enhance security, especially during the night. This technology concept continues to grow in leaps and bounds to meet client requirements and satisfaction.