About Us

Company Profile

AVASGLO group of companies comprises of: AVASGLO Technologies Pte Ltd in Singapore and AVASGLO Technologies (Thailand) Co. Limited. AVASGLO Technologies Pte Ltd were setup by group of Engineers and Managers from the former Siemens Security Systems and Building Automation Division. AVASGLO stands for Advance Value Add Solutions GLObal. AVASGLO in short, seeks for efficient and effective building security & automation system solutions globally to meet our S.E Asia customers’ needs.

AVASGLO seeks provide intelligent systems solutions to building owners and occupants to enhance their security, productive and comfort in a conducive working or living environment.

Our Mission

AVASGLO seeks to comprehend owners’ needs, to provide an optimum and cost effective solution throughout the lifespan of the premise.

Our Solutions

AVASGLO, with its group of experienced experts seek products, systems, hardware and software to derive the optimum building solution for the client. AVASGLO building solutions include:

  1. TSS – Total security system (card/biometric access control, CCTV, intrusion alarm, IT security, image processing and auto/carpark barrier)
  2. BAS – Building Automation System (HVAC controls, PLC and telemetric)
  3. ELV – Extra Low Voltage System (Building & Home Automation, PLC, Security, PA & Emergency evacuation)
  4. FSS – Fire & Safety System (Fire alarm, smoke & gas detection and gas suppression)
  5. IBMS – Intelligent Building Management System (System integration, smart home controls from mobile phone)

With our involvement in the intelligent building study missions in 1990 to USA and Japan, Singapore building owners, architects, engineers and system integrators have developed a new generation of intelligent buildings like the JTC HQ – The Summit, GIC HQ – Capital Tower and Eureka – One George Street. We are proud to have our engineers involved in all those projects. AVASGLO provides consultancy, project management, system implementation & integration, testing & commissioning and maintenance of IBMS, TSS, BAS, ELV and FSS for both commercial and residential buildings.

AVASGLO emphasizes on the importance of project management, detail communication with our clients, micro-planning and proper co-ordination with all parties involved in the implementation to ensure that the critical time lines are met, with highest professionalism and ethics from our staff in handling delicate electronic systems.

AVASGLO would like to see the client’s specific requirement through a mutual consultancy & implementation to realize the dream system with the benefits the customer enjoy throughout the lifespan of the system through close collaboration, upgrade and maintenance by all parties involved.

AVASGLO ensure the quality of work begins from the design stage all the way up to the serivicing and maintenance of the system. This is assured by the AVASGLO group dedicated engineers and managers.

AVASGLO, with its vast knowledge and international contacts, can source for the right product, system and solution by engaging manufacturer, agent, distributor or OEM in order to provide the best value added services and solutions for our client.

AVASGLO aims to have the best client satisfaction through continued engagement with the client businesses as partner, helping them work toward their goals.

Please feel free to contact us for enquiry for your security and automation need.